For over 20 years, orthodontists have chosen the Damon System to deliver over 7 million smiles.

Hear why orthodontists choose Damon Braces for their patients and families.
*Actual patients

What Doctors Are Saying

Results Driven

“As a results-driven artist, I am going to use the best tools that I possibly can. I use the Damon System because I find that it is one of the most technologically advanced tools I’ve come across.”

Faster Treatment*

“For you as a patient, hopefully you’ll be able to experience—better comfort, quicker treatment time, and faster tooth movement with this very delicate system.”

*vs. traditional braces

More Comfortable Treatment

“I choose Damon braces for my patients for multiple reasons. The passive self-ligation system decreases the forces on the actual teeth, so it makes it more comfortable for patients and actually more efficient as well.”

More Beautiful Smiles

“I witness on a daily basis how the Damon System helps me create the most amazing smiles—and it transforms patients' lives when we hand them the mirror and they look at their beautiful smile. It is truly spectacular.”

Innovative Technology

“We choose the best technology in the world. And for me, the Damon System allows us to do things that I just can’t do with other appliances.”

Treatment Philosophy

“I have been using the Damon System exclusively since 2004 because it achieves results at a level that I could not achieve with traditional twin brackets. My practice performs fewer extractions, patients report less discomfort, better esthetics, and my assistants love the ease of appointments!”

The opinions expressed are those of the doctors themselves. Consumers should seek the advice of an orthodontist. Individual results may vary.