What Doctors Are Saying…

What Doctors Are Saying…

…on the Damon Philosophy

"The Damon System is an exciting revolution. It provides a well-documented means by which we can achieve functional adaptation and accurate, predictable tooth positioning with micro precision."

Allan P. Pollard, MDSc, Melbourne, Australia

…on Faster Treatment

"With the Damon System, 80% of my cases are 80% complete in 8 months. My patients are thrilled!"

Alan Bagden, DMD, Springfield, VA

…on Light Forces

"By applying light, biologically sensible forces as perscribed by Dr. Damon, we can now level and align cases in less than half the time it took with conventional braces. We are also treating far more cases without extractions, surgery or rapid palatal expanders."

Monte Collins, DDS, MSD, Bedford, TX

…on Quality of Care

The transition to the Damon System was far easier than I anticipated and has facilitated a tremendous improvement in patient care. The Damon System is something all orthodontists should experience for themselves.